Crete: The Process of Creating

Made by Hand

Every single pot is handmade by experienced craftsmen, whose skill has been passed down the generations

Out to Dry

The pots are then left out to dry under the Cretan sun

The Kiln

The pots are then left out to dry under the Cretan sun

Fires are Lit

The fires are lit and burn for six hours, reaching temperatures of 1150c. Fuelled by wood and residue from olive and grape harvests (rather than more prevalent gas-fired kilns), it is a highly environmentally-friendly procedure that gives our pots their attractive varying soft shades of tan that change with the light.

Open the Kiln

The kiln is opened after the fires have burned out

Remove from the Kiln

The pots are then carefully removed from the kiln, they are still hot at this point and will be placed outside under an artificial rain system for several hours

Artificial Rain

The artificial rain process lasts approximately twelve hours and it is this that makes the pots extremely strong and durable

The Finished Product

The finished products are now ready. Each one is unique.