What is Natural Stone?

When trying to craft a natural or rustic look in your bathroom, few things can match the intrinsic beauty which nature provides. Having a naturally formed, hand crafted piece can be just what you need to set the tone of any room. We often get enquiries about what makes natural stone basins unique or different from other options on the market, so we thought we would take this chance to explain things a bit further.

What is “natural stone”?

Natural stone is any kind of rock that comes from the earth, usually mountains, riverbeds or hillsides. These rocks form under immense heat and pressure and over thousands of years slowly rise to the surface where they can be extracted from quarries. Given how the stone forms, natural stone is known to be extremely hardy and survive the test of time, as can be seen with many ancient monuments that are still standing, being built with different types of natural stone.

Natural stone comes in a variety of types with different properties and colours spectrums. We stock a range of different types of stone throughout our products, but two of our most popular are granite and marble.

Granite is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s antibacterial properties. It is most commonly found in countries that had or have a lot of volcanic activity, such as Indonesia, and forms when an igneous stone is exposed to magma. Granite is also a popular choice because of the wide range of colours it can have, making it easier to match existing decor in houses or fit in with new themes of almost any colour.

Marble is another popular choice because of its strong weather endurance, making it very suitable for outdoor use or in cases where it will be exposed to running water or potentially abrasive surfaces. Marble forms when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and pressure causing it to alter and become a denser stone. Marble is most commonly found in darker grey and black tints, making it popular for the striking colours contrast it can offer when placed with complementing pieces.

Humans have been using natural stone for thousands of years to craft incredible monuments that last the test of time due to the strong natural properties of the stone. In modern times, the wide range of colours and weather endurance still make it a popular choice for use in kitchens, bathrooms and flooring.