10x16ft Elite Stonewall Glasshouse


The 10×16 Elite greenhouse is perfect for a larger, more traditional-style looking backyard greenhouse.  The 10×16 size is an extension-size greenhouse with internal partition walls which create a bit of a separation between sides, which is great if you want to have a growing side and an entertaining side.

Winter Gardenz Elite range is constructed using only the best materials and design systems to ensure structural integrity is achieved without compromising the elegance and functionality of the Greenhouse.

The 10×16 Elite Greenhouse is supplied fully optioned and includes the following:

    • Double, hinged lockable doors
    • 2x 8ft 3-tier staging to go down one side of the greenhouse
    • Shade cover system to protect plants in summer
    • 6x Opening roof vents fitted with Auto vent openers
    • Strong, durable, powder coated aluminium frame coloured in matt black as standard.
    • 4mm toughened safety glass glazing throughout
    • Gutter system for rain catchment
    • 25-year warranty

*Please note, all Elite models come with foundation mounting brackets, so these do not need to be purchased separately.  Brick base pictured is not included.  The base can be built out of different materials like stone, brick or wood and you’ll need to have your builder construct that part of it.  We do provide you with the detailed plans and measurements for building the wall foundation.

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