Atlantis – Pot Pouri


Newly made but looking as if they have been salvaged from the sea these pots are at the top of their class. Providing a look of an ancient civilisation, each ‘hand-crafted’ piece has a unique rustic, textured character. These pots, urns, jars and planters are frost resistant and although they may shed a little when unwrapped from the plastic film wrap they are very suitable for flowing water features.

A complex and newly created technique by our artisan maker has produced a beautiful and compelling hue while extending our range of textured style finishes. Indoor and outdoor use. Easily converted to a water feature.


  • To clean use a mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush or rag. Avoid harsh chemical and abrasives.
  • Atlantis Doubled Fired: Created as the ultimate expression of a textured finish, this ever-lasing recreation of the salvage from the lost city is a masterpiece not easily copied by others. The unique finish is earthenware not terracotta high fired until it is frostproof.
  • Pandora: The latest addition to the Atlantis stable is a beautiful decor textured glaze inspired by the Greek goddess Pandora and a blue planet. This glaze is similar in structure to Abalone both being a departure from the crustacea-type finish of the original Atlantis offering. Mature doubled-fired complex glaze suitable for any situation or climate.

Made from earthenware clay, wood-fired and frost proof. Each jar is hand crafted and distinctly unique. The colour, shape, dimensions and finish may differ from the photo. The textured surface may flake in places but this is part of the rustic, ‘old world’ charm of this range and will not affect the product integrity.



Atlantis, Pandora


D90cm x H73cm

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