Corten Steel Art – Stag

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The stag is found across an unusually wide geographic range, and cultures from all around the world have assigned this anime some form of symbolic meaning. Since they shed their antlers in the autumn and regrow them in the spring, stag are indicators of the changing seasons and healds of new life symbolising rebirth and renewal.

Our Corten Steel Wall Art has been created with a home in mind. We focus on providing high-quality & long-lasting laser cut art that will enhance any space. Proudly Made in New Zealand.

Benefits of Corten Steel Wall Art:

  • Highlight an area – You can create a stunning feature that catches the eye.
  • Durable and adaptable – Durability of Corten Steel means your wall piece will last decades. Corten steel wall art is supplied in the raw finish and will develop the patina naturally without the use of any chemical.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable – While plastics and synthetic materials are losing popularity for obvious environmental impact, metal and wood are being prefered because of a significant beneficial influence on our environment.
  • Highly customizableAll our metal art can be customised in terms of size and colours. We also offer bespoke designs that can help create your fantasy wall art.

1200 x 853mm (1.6mm Corten Steel), 1700 x 1200mm (3.0mm Corten Steel)

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