Flint Rectangle Tub


This lovely large sized iron tub makes a great planters for lavender, succulents, grasses or even herbs. Perfect in any garden, patio setting!

Suitable for outdoor use, however, they will age and some surface rust may occur over time. This can be minimised by spraying with a product like Penetrol

Crafted using recycled metal.

Approximate measurements: 43cm(H) x 46cm(W)  x 121cm(L)

Crafted by hand, using reclaimed and refurbished iron to produce a truly ‘industrial’ piece, our metal/iron products may have minor irregularities. These surface irregularities do not impact the structural integrity of our products, and are not considered defects, but are the natural result of working with reclaimed and refurbished materials which adds to the uniqueness and character of each piece.

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