Moss Wall Art – Cascade of Flowers

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Bringing outdoor natural beauty to your indoor space.

Cascade of Flowers art piece – With an elegant soft flower palette. The organic design has a collection of pillow moss, mood moss, and ball moss along with preserved flowers and maidenhair fern (Adiantum) leaves. Handmade with care and attention to detail with the best quality natural elements.

Please note, flowers may differ from photos depending on what we have available. Our aim is for you to be 100% happy with your piece of art so we’ll be in contact with you throughout the process so you have the option to add more flowers, remove or add specific colours etc. Every piece will be made to replicate our online images as close as possible. 

Transform your environment by creating tranquility with our one-of-a-kind indoor Moss Wall Art. Embodying serenity, natural appeal and elegance, these organic and unique designs are a creative way to enhance and elevate any environment. They’re a perfect way to transport the beauty and benefits of nature into a space without the added commitment of maintenance.

These designs are made from moss which has been harvested sustainably and preserved with natural ingredients that replace the water in the cell structure. They don’t require light or water and are built to last for years! Each piece we create is perfectly unique and created to fulfill your needs for tranquility, serenity, and love for nature. They look and feel alive with soft textures, projection, and vibrant colours. 

Important Info:

  • Delivered within 4 weeks.
  • For indoor use only. Keep out of direct sunlight. Bright indirect light is fine. No water or fertilizer. Naturally preserved.
  • Standard sizes are listed, we are able to create this design in any size to fit your space. Get in contact for a quote.
  • This design can be made into a Business Logo, get in contact for a quote.
  • Reclaimed Wood Frame

45cm x 91cm, 45cm x 101cm, 50cm x 101cm, 55cm x 101cm, 50cm x 127cm, 50cm x 152cm, 50cm x 50cm

Thick Wood Frame

Grey, White, Black, Walnut, Natural Wood, Honey

Hanging Preference

Horizontal, Vertical

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