Moss Wall Art – Christy

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Bringing outdoor natural beauty to your indoor space.

Our one-of-a-kind indoor moss wall art embodies serenity, natural appeal, and elegance. We use moss to create moss wall decor: custom moss walls, custom wall decor and shapes, and other moss decor pieces. Using naturally preserved Reindeer Moss, Fern Moss, and Bun Moss, we create sustainable, maintenance-free, long-lasting moss art pieces. Each piece we create is perfectly unique and created to fulfill your needs for tranquility, serenity, and love for nature.

This organic design has a collection of pillow moss, mood moss, fern moss and reindeer moss. It looks amazing both vertically and horizontally, please select your preference so that hanging hardware can be installed accordingly. We can customize this design to any size to suit your preference, please email us and we’ll get you a quote asap.

For indoor use only. Keep out of direct sunlight. Bright indirect light is fine. 

Delivered within 4 weeks.


45cm x 91cm, 45cm x 101cm, 50cm x 101cm, 55cm x 101cm, 50cm x 127cm, 50cm x 152cm, 50cm x 50cm

Thick Wood Frame

Grey, White, Black, Walnut, Natural Wood, Honey

Hanging Preference

Horizontal, Vertical

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