Marette Fountain


Free-standing Marette Fountain has a classical design with water flowing from the mouth of a nymph into a self-contained pond. Stunning against a wall in a formal or Italian-styled garden to introduce the gentle sound and movement of water.

It is easy to install – just connect the pump (additional cost) and fill with water. The pump re-circulates the water and occasional water top up required during warm weather. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. Easy care.

Pietro Stoneware strives to develop ‘lifestyle’ collections that are lightweight, stable and very resilient without sacrificing design or functionality, offering a fresh new approach to traditional garden decor by presenting a variety of styling from classic European to modern contemporary.

Made from sprayed glass fibre reinforced concrete and 75% lighter than concrete (easy to move and place) yet strong and durable. This environmentally-friendly material is petrochemical free and 100% recyclable. It is also rust and fire proof. Finishes are hand applied and reactive oxides create coatings that last longer than paint, stains or dyes. ietro Stoneware is coated with a Pietrophos shield for added product resilience and stability. Surface marks can be cleaned using mild soapy water with a soft bristle brush or cloth. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning implements should not be used. No two pieces are identical so products have an element of uniqueness.

If this Pietro item is not in stock, you can place an order but please note that delivery may take up to 4 months with current COVID shipping delays.


H 146cm D 151cm L 94cm Wt 86kg


Aged Limestone

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