Round Hot 1/2 Plate-Grill


Pair your Corten Steel Fire Pit or Brazier with our Round Hot 1/2 Plate-Grill. Size can be customised to fit fire pit.

Proudly NZ made.

Weight = 15kg

Corten steel (often referred to as Cor–Ten) is a weather resistant or ‘Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel’. Unlike ordinary steel it does not bubble, peel or flake. It is a copper chromium alloy steel – this alloy displays a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering and if left alone, will take 1-2 years to reach its peak ‘rust coloured’ patina and then should remain in that state with little change (changing from vibrant orange to a dark red). The rusting process can be sped up by spraying with saltwater. Care must be taken on paving surfaces during the first 9 months as rust bleeding or runoff may cause stains prior to the rust patina stabilising. The fire pit may come un-weathered but weathers fully within a few months.

Made from 3mm Corten steel


860mm x 430mm

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